Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kerala Porotta

The flaky, wavy, puffy, multiple layered south Indian porotta with beef is one thing I miss here.I tried the porotta we used to make at home with the basic ingredients. My porottas came out good not the best, because the art of making best Kerala porotta is all about practise. The other day when my friend Smitha asked me about
a site for making kerala porotta, I thought why not I give it a try. I tried to capture every step and hope this helps!!
I see a lot of recipes with milk, egg and sugar added. Guess it makes the porotta better (even though I did not try) .


All purpose flour   -  2.5 cups
Baking powder     -  a pinch
Salt - as required


*Sieve baking powder and All purpose flour using warm water. Knead the dough till it become soft and non sticky.
*Cover the dough with a wet muslin cloth and leave it for an hour.  Brush a thin coat of oil over entire surface.
*Pinch off lime-sized balls of dough, and roll them out into small balls of equal sizes and leave this covered with a muslin cloth for another 15 min.
*Grease the counter with oil and flatten the balls into a thin film. If you do not know the traditional way, use your chappathi roller and flatten it to the maximum possible extent.
Starting at one end, roll dough spirally into a thin roll and tuck in the other loose end into the center.Allow this to rest for 15 minutes.
*Flatten the spirals of dough with the palm of your hand, then thoroughly flatten them on the counter before you put it in a tava and roast them till slightly Golden on both sides.
when you made around 5 porottas, keep them one over the other and beat them side ways to loosen the layers. Keep it in a casserole, so that it becomes more moist and soft.
*Serve with any curry.


  1. oh my,,, i am drooling here..pls pass me the plate...I admire ur skills dear....well explained.

  2. Wow adipoli aayitundu, loved the step by step pic dear..looks so inviting.